Price Comparison


This is a topic based on the stock that’s currently available for the UK market when purchasing Zopiclone online. There remains an enormous cost comparison in relationships with the listed online drugstores to the generic online markets.

For instance, would be selling a single tablet nearby £6 and whereas a generic website like ourselves charge around just £1 per-tablet. The quality and components act exactly alike.

Why is this? well, essentially its considerably simple, due to those who import directly from the government wholesalers which are commonly registered online retailers compared to websites that offer treatments without prescriptions. Why do registered online pharmacies pay huge fees over generic sites? The main reason why there’s a price gap is a simple fact that every order that is made via there B2B pharmacy platform/website are required by law to sell you a prescription too, and this is not cheap. Not to mention that each time you obtain from registered retailers it will also be shown on your medical report.

There is no difference in product quality, just branding manufacturing process is different and complex inport controls.

HAB Zopiclone VS Activis Zopiclone.
Different in colour, taste different, packaged differently but both have identical potency at a fraction of the price.